Transgender Resources

I really felt the need to have a list of resources for those struggling with their gender identity or looking to medically transition. Here are a few known places in New Brunswick that can help you with counseling, support, etc! If there is anything I should add please reach out to me on the contact page of my website.

Here are just a few:


NB Transgender Health Network:

They are an interdisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and community partners seeking to improve services for transgender people in NB.

Contact them via:




Salvus Clinic (Moncton): 

Thier objective is to provide access to Primary Health Care to those within the area suffering with issues relating to homelessness, poverty, mental health and substance use.

Salvus Clinic is a different kind of clinic. It offers hope and help to those who feel like there is none left. They understand that simple health problems can become unmanageable when basic needs for food, shelter, and medications can’t be met. Salvus Clinic treats the whole person.

Salvus Clinic provides health care to all ages and all genders. This includes counseling; supportive addiction management; screening and prevention of illness; immunizations; routine health assessments; blood work and referrals to specialists.

Contact them via:

Phone: (506) 384-7283



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UBU Atlantic (Moncton):

UBU is an organization currently serving the Atlantic Canadian transgender population and their close friends and family members throughout the transition process. We seek to affirm identities in a way that will positively influence the individual’s transition at home, school, and in the workplace.

Over the past couple of years, our group’s presence has grown in Moncton and Saint John and we will continue to establish groups and support networks throughout the Atlantic Provinces to help support people through the unique challenges they may encounter when faced with transition.

We also have close ties with the NB Transgender Health Network and strive to ensure everyone is able to find access to healthcare providers.

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Clinic 554 (Fredericton):

Dr. Adrian Edgar, MD CCFP

“Adrian is excited to return to New Brunswick and nestle into Fredericton with his partner and three dogs. He is especially excited to develop a family practice that provides outstanding care for his patients.

Adrian completed his medical degree at one of the top-ranked medical schools in Canada, McMaster University, in 2010. His postgraduate medical education was completed in Innercity Family Medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2012. Since that time, he has worked on multidisciplinary teams in prenatal care, labour and delivery, maternal addictions, and outreach/street medicine. He has trained extensively in reproductive health, delivered babies and provided postnatal care at the Saint John Regional Hospital in 2012, worked on a midwife-family physician collaborative team at the BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital in 2013 and provided prenatal and intrapartum maternal addiction care through the Sheway Program in Vancouver from 2013 to 2014. He provided outreach healthcare to sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and men seeking sobriety and exiting the prison system from 2013 to 2014.

He has produced research on HIV stigma, refugee access to healthcare, transgender access to healthcare, the relationship between poverty, imprisonment, and health, and the social movement of Peace through Health. He is the New Brunswick representative to the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Equity and Diversity Committee. His top priority throughout his training and practice has consistently been to understand and address the needs of marginalized patients and communities, and their social determinants of health.”

Contact Clinic 554 via Website:

Phone: Toll-Free: 1-855-978-5434

Address: 554 Brunswick Street, Fredericton NB E3B 1H5

Trans-Action – Support Group (Bathurst)

A new support group for transgender youth and parents in northeastern New Brunswick gives young people and their parents a safe place to express themselves.

Michelle Basque, a guidance counselor, Eve Arseneau, a psychologist, and Gaetan Mallet, a social worker, and sexologist are all part of child and youth teams in Bathurst and are the founders of the group.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the child and youth team offices at École secondaire Népisiguit at 915 rue St-Anne.

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Government of New Brunswick  & Vital Statistics

Change of Sex Designation Application Adult (16+):  CLICK HERE

Change of Sex Designation Application Child (Under 16): CLICK HERE

Legal Name Change (16+): CLICK HERE

Legal Name Change (Under 16): CLICK HERE