Additional details of the reviews have been left out to refrain from having any explicit content on my website. These are quotes from those who have written reviews or have sent me reviews via email/text.

Toronto Reviews: 

“I really liked her photos, they caught my eye! I noticed she had a video on one of her ads and the way she was talking I could tell I was going to like her right away. She came across as very sincere. When I arrived, she looked exactly as advertised and her pictures don’t do her justice. The entire session was very tender and sweet! It was exactly what I was looking for. Since our first session in Toronto I have seen her twice (hour sessions) while she has been in Niagara Falls and each time has been more fun.” – Mr.Monday on Tgirlforums.

New Brunswick Reviews:

I booked two hours because it was my first time with a trans girl and I didn’t want to rush. Kylie was very relaxed and we started with some conversation and cuddles, eventually I went in for a kiss and then it started. She truly is hotter in person. For my first time experience it was perfect. I can’t wait till she returns home and is visiting my city in NB so I can see her again.” – Craig86 on Tgirlforums.

Edmonton Reviews:

“Started off with some small talk, caressing and kissing. Excellent service; Kylie is one not to be missed!” – Goober1 on TgirlForums

Niagara Falls Reviews:

I saw Kylie in Niagara Falls i booked a massage. She is such a Beautiful easy going girl. Small talk to get comfortable and then we got naked..she has such a tender touch. I wish i had booked a full session as i want to explore the girl more. I will see you real soon hun in Hamilton. Cant wait.. – Randy via Email

Montreal Reviews:

“Hey Kylie, you were my first encounter..was a great experience. I came to see you back in July. I would love to see you again. Thank you for the encounter.” – Sent via email.

Ottawa Reviews:

“I saw Kylie this afternoon. First time meeting her. She hosted in a nice hotel downtown. She greeted at the door and she looked even better in person than her pictures which was relief. We started off talking for a bit as my nerves calmed down. I booked 2 hours which included msog because i knew i wouldn’t last very long. She didn’t look at a clock once she was super relaxed. We finished up with a nice conversation. After my quick shower I made my way out feeling amazing. She was Well worth the price.” – Fifa on Tgirlforums

Calgary Reviews: 

“So this was awesome. Saw Kylie during her recent Calgary visit. Was very reassured by the videos in her ads re: her femininity and was not disappointed. Easy communication. Nice hotel. I showered, we made out. Great kisser. Wonderful experience for my first time topping a trans woman. I would love to see her again. I know a repeat with her would be great.” – Alexbourne on Tgirlforums

Saskatoon Reviews:

“On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give you a 10! I think you look very beautiful & your personality is awesome. You are genuine, and I sense you have a big heart. I hate smiling and you’ve made me smile quite a bit lately!” – Sent via Text

Niagara Falls Reviews: 

“Hello Kylie..I came to see you when you were in Niagara Falls. I truly loved our time together you are such a beautiful person. I just read some of your stories. You are so informed and intelligent.” – Sent via Email

Kelowna Reviews:

“She is such a sexy, friendly cute gal. Her beautiful smile, hot body and gorgeous eyes had me drooling ! I felt very comfortable with her. She is flirtatious, sexy and a lot of fun. Such a sweetie, I highly recommend her, treat her right and you will have a great session!” – hornystan on Tgirlforums

Vancouver Reviews:

“Hey, Kylie, that was amazing tonight…on several levels!” – Sent via Text

Edmonton Reviews:

“I noticed that this amazingly pretty Tgirl was advertising in Edmonton again this week and this time I just had to see her. Setting up an appointment with her was smooth and easy. She is such a hottie! In tight jeans and a midriff baring black top, she is such a beautiful girl! And yes, her pics are all real. She was just so feminine and deliciously sexy in her tiny black bra and such a pretty face with those big expressive grey eyes. What an amazingly beautiful young trans-woman you are Kylie! Thank you for accepting my age and my fetish and making my day!” – Bad Santa on CAF

Saskatoon Reviews:

“Had two encounters on separate days which is a rarity for me.
Without major details. oral both ways, kissing, anal on her (very tight).
And conversation. Great overall experience.
Yes I will see her again when she is here.” – big-gun on Tgirlforums

Halifax Reviews:

“I definitely will meet you again. Thank you so very much for being understanding, kind, and going slow. Your an amazing girl.” – sent via email

Edmonton Reviews:

“I am not all that experienced, but this date was spectacular. She was bubbly and saucy, playful and present. She had a cute bra on. Greeted me with a kiss. She made it lively and interactive. We cuddled a bit and she didn’t chase me out. Will certainly do this again when she comes back.” – edmontonperson on TgirlForums

Toronto Reviews:

“Overall I had an amazing time with Kylie, she made me feel important and needed. I highly recommend taking the time to see her. If you have thought about it for even a minute, you need to book her. You will have a good time as long as you can follow her rules.” – Twitchy on TgirlForums

Calgary Reviews:

“Kylie was easy and professional to book with. Answered the door in sexy red lingerie. Genuine, interesting and fun to be with. Had a fun exciting time.” – tchase on TgirlForums

Winnipeg Reviews:

I got a hold of Kylie late in the morning and asked to have a two hour rendezvous with her that evening. I asked if she could wear those blue jeans and dark grey top with the spaghetti straps in her June photo. She obliged and to text her later to confirm our date, which I did. Enroute to my meeting with Kylie, she texted me that she was running a bit late and not to hurry. She was only a few minutes past our scheduled time, no biggy, I was not in a hurry anyways. Up to her room and she greeted me from behind the door, wearing exactly the outfit that I had asked for. Off to a great start and only the beginning of a wonderful 2 hours with this remarkable, young lady! Kylie is a very good kisser! Kylie is very well versed on a lot of topics, and has a great head on her shoulders. Tonight I was there more for the conversation as Kylie intrigued me with some of her blog topics on her website. Great young lady and she markets herself well. Thanks again for tonight Kylie and safe travels on your way back to NB! – Reubalach Albannach on TgirlForums

Toronto Reviews:

“Finally took the plunge and it was amazing. Very pretty and sexy with a great body and perfect breasts. DO NOT miss her if you can.” – lltr on TgirlForums

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