Dear Newfoundlanders…

I will not be in Newfoundland again, due to the Owner of NLAdult he has removed me from his advertising site and review forum.

After I decided to no longer promote myself on his NLAdultCam site he chose to email me stating he removed me from all of his websites.

The reason I decided to no longer sell my digital content on NLAdultCams is because of a few reasons.

First of all, the website is relatively unknown outside of Newfoundland so it would take me more time to promote myself enough to gain a reasonable profit.

Secondly, when I was originally contacted to use NLAdultCam it was by the owner emailing me telling me about it.

On the initial email there was miscommunication on the fees that the owner would actually deduct from the payment system he has running. Which was partially my fault because I did not read the fine print, but the actions taken by the website owner were not justified in my opinion.

Essentially, the owner of the site charges the men paying 30% more than what the coins are worth for content creators. Which is a loop hole for him to earn 30% from the content creators because essentially, without us there would be nothing on the site. Which is perfectly fine and allowed.

I have no issue paying advertising fees, or giving a cut to a platform. I pay 20% to OnlyFans, but because I am Canadian I get 20% when it is converted from USD to CAD essentially allowing me to keep 100% profit, their website is also better established, more well known, and the users can’t download my content to keep forever.

Upon realizing this today, I knew that NLAdultCams was not going to work for my business because of these reasons. Therefore I decided to delete my account where I sold my content.

I sent an email to NLAdult Owner and contacted him in regards to the 30% difference. Simply asking if that is what he was taking as a cut to better understand.

I got two very lengthy emails for a response which ended with him also removing me from the NLAdult website which is for service providers to advertise, the NLAdultForum which is for reviews. Telling me it was “out of respect for me”.

Obviously confused I responded to these emails. Claiming I was trying to say his sites were a scam, that I expect to use his platforms for free, and that I am overreacting simply because I chose to leave the NLAdultCam site.

All of which are false. The cam site just was not going to work for me. The NLAdult advertising site I have used many times in the past to promote my OnlyFans and tour trips to Newfoundland and each time I paid for banner and premium ads which costed me money (they are not free).

I decided to write about this on my website to let any future admirers from Newfoundland know why I will not be in the province, and also because as a service provider I am going to use my own platform to talk about situations in my life and the industry, situations much like this one.

Unfortunately, I will no longer provide services to clients in Newfoundland as unfortunately NLAdult is the #1 website in that province for advertising.

The market is not strong enough for me to continue investing my time, money, and energy into making NL a tour stop.

Thank you to those in Newfoundland who have subscribed to my OnlyFans and have seen me in person on tour xoxo