Why I date men twice my age.

Warning: If you are not open-minded about age gaps in relationships or transgender women do not read. 

First of all, I have always dated older men. From their ’30s to ’40s, but my last relationship was with a 59-year-old man. When I think about dating I don’t really focus on age unless it is younger. My personal preference for potentially dating is no less than my own age which is 24.

I wanted to write an article about why I date older men and what it is like from my perspective, its something that society tends to turn their heads at but its actually not uncommon.

The reason I tend to lean towards older men is that they often are more structure in life. They have a job, vehicle, apartment or house. They are much more independent than men in their 20’s. The last thing I want to be doing is babysitting someone.

I myself am very independent and I don’t need anyone to cook for me, do my laundry or to make appointments for me. I run my own business, blog, and manage it all while flying around the country at 24 years old.

To clarify further, if I want something, I buy it. I don’t need a sugar daddy. I have my own money and can provide for myself when needed.

I consider myself an old soul, my views echo those of someone much older than my age. I believe that I approach life with a greater sense of knowledge and wisdom coupled with a greater sense of inner wealth probably because of the life experiences I have had.

For some example, I never want to go out to a bar and get drunk, just because it’s Saturday…

I would rather spend money on things that give me wonderful experiences and broaden my horizons. For example, go to Banff, Mexico, or Cuba. All of which I pay for myself. 

Personally, I tend to look at life with an I only live once attitude and I try to enjoy the now and not just get stressed out & worried and then get drunk or high to cope with it. If I’m feeling stressed, I’d rather go buy a new handbag, lip injections, or botox to feel better.

My connection with men. is quality over quantity. It does not matter to me how much sex I have, how hot a man is or how big his dick is. In a relationship, I require a deeper connection with a man in order to feel any connection at all.

Being transgender a lot of men. fetish you, one thing I find most older men appreciate is the entire picture. If I want implants or not, if I want surgery or not, they appreciate me for who I am regardless of what’s between my legs. Which stands true for my current relationship.

I never want to feel held back or controlled to do things by someone I’m dating. More often I find older men to be more understanding of what makes me happy, usually.

Another reason I prefer older men. is that I like to learn from their wisdom and I hang on their every word as they tell me stories of their youth. I laugh at their accounts of old trends, and cry at their stories for tragedy, even reminiscing with them about long lost loves, and actually listen to what they have been through in life.

I find that older men appreciate a young woman with an old soul because too often people seem to have less and less time for the more mature among us, where I have nothing but time to give because I appreciate what they have to share, and let’s be honest, I secretly wish for a time when life seemed so simple.

Often when I discuss dating an older man to a younger man they act like just because they are older they are out of commission which is far from true.

Yes, they can be cranky. They have been through more bullshit than young people.

Yes, they can be stubborn. They are often stuck in their ways of doing something.

Yes, they can be slower. They are usually not rushing because they don’t need to.

But regardless, they are often more understanding, independent, passionate, and appreciative to their partners.