I want Facial Feminization Surgery.

Lately, I’ve been considering which surgeries I’ve been wanting the most. I have enough to get breast implants, Brazilian butt lift, or start FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery).

I first thought I was only interested in breast augmentation, but my breasts are pretty noticeable and I’ve only been on hormones for eight months.

So I decided I want to wait on my breasts. Then I was thinking a Brazilian Butt lift, but uncertain how much fat I need to have on my body to be a good candidate, and let’s be real, my ass is my best feature.

The one part of my body I absolutely struggle with accepting and have for years is my face. My face used to be so cute when I was younger, but as I aged, my forehead has become big, my cheeks to round, eyebrows shifted, lips uneven, nose not exactly cute, and my hairline has receded.

You might notice it, you might not. Most men tell me I’m fine the way I am, but for years I’ve struggled to accept the look of my face.

Constantly reshaping my features in pictures, angling the camera or cropping photos to make my forehead look smaller, adding snapchat filters to fix my features, the list goes on.

There is no one set price for Facial Feminization Surgery because each procedure has a different cost range.

Here what I’m considering:

Forehead reduction:

Forehead procedures contour the forehead by shaving down hard angles and reducing the prominence of the brow bone.

Sometimes the brow can simply be shaved down when the brow protrusion is smaller and when the brow bone itself is thick.

Hairline alteration:

Forehead work is often paired with procedures to alter the hairline in order to counteract the effects of receding hairlines or male pattern baldness.

The forehead is accessed through an incision in the scalp. The most common approach is to cut along the hairline, which allows for the scalp and hairline to be physically moved forward, lowering the entire hairline.


Also known as a nose job, contours the nose to fit within unmasculinized norms while maintaining natural proportion with the rest of the facial features.

Having a rhinoplasty for transgender purposes doesn’t differ from standard cosmetic rhinoplasty.

However, a surgeon experienced with FFS can sometimes provide better results, especially when multiple facets of the face are being altered at once.

Cheek augmentation:

Cheek augmentation can involve cheek implants or fat grafting. For many people, when synthetic hormones begin to redistribute body fat, the cheeks get sufficiently fuller on their own. This makes a surgical procedure unnecessary.

However, I want cheek implants so I can have a more contoured facial structure.

Lip Lift:

Female faces tend to have a shorter distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. The upper lip often curls more upward. A masculinized face can be given a lip lift. This shortens the distance above the lip and adjusts the lip orientation. I’d also like to get more lip injections.


Genioplasty modifies the chin. Surgeons typically approach the chin and jaw through incisions within the mouth, along with the gum line.

Some chins call for a chin reduction. In this procedure, bone and protrusions are shaved down and smoothed. Alternately, a chin implant can be used when appropriate.

I plan on working with the surgeon in Montreal to determine if I want my chin shaved down or given implants.

Jaw procedures:

Jaw surgery focuses on the back corners of the jaw, where the bone turns up toward the ears. A surgeon can smooth strong protrusions.

I’m uncertain whether I will need to have jaw surgery, but I want my jaw and chin to be perfect & help with the contoured looked to my face so I’m considering it, but the surgeon will be able to tell me if for what I want it will even be necessary.

Procedures I don’t need:

The only procedure I don’t think I’ll need is a tracheal shave as my Adam’s apple does not stick out enough to even bother me.

My main focus is my forehead, cheeks, nose, chin & jaw.

Soft tissue procedures:

There are several soft tissue procedure I can add to my facial feminization surgery, but uncertain whether I will need them. Some examples are:

– Facelift

– Eyelift

– Eyebrow Lift

I will get be getting lip injections. Also if Cheek/Chin surgery is a no go, I will be getting injections in those areas instead to get the desired look I want.

The last thing I want that is also soft tissue is botox. I have several wrinkles on my forehead but want to wait until FFS is complete before pursuing it, as my facial features are going to undergo a change.

When I talk about Facial Feminization Surgery, most people think I’m crazy, but I honestly just want to feel comfortable with how I look & right now, I don’t.


The cost depends on the surgeon, location, etc. However, it can be $20,000 or more. Depending on how many surgeries you get.

The healing time also depends on one which procedures I have done and the invasiveness of each one. It can be from 2-6 weeks.

With my face being wrapped, swollen, and bruised for awhile! However, none of the deters me from wanting it.

When will I have it?

Well, one thing I learned since transitioning is, not to rush anything. I have enough for the entire surgery today, but I want to go to Montreal to see plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Bensimon, who has been performing FFS for over 10 years.

I plan on going for a consultation in November 2018 with the plan to have surgery sometime in the new year if the price is right and I have enough time between touring.