Will I be a candidate in the 2018 provincial election? Heres the truth…

I’ve been running Maritime Nightline for over a year and my videos, and articles reach thousands of people across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

After I expanded in September 2017, my New Brunswick fan base tripled almost overnight.

One of the things I always keep an eye on and write about is politics. Before I started my online news & media page, which has now evolved into a website, I never really paid attention to politics.

I really only started to pay attention during the 2016 municipal by-election in Miramichi, New Brunswick. From there I focused on provincial politics and that is where most of my focus is on.

I have been asked to run.

I have been told I should run.

The work I’ve done…

I’ve written articles on Liberal, Progressive Conservative, and People’s Alliance of New Brunswick candidates and current elected officials. I hear the same thing over, and over, and over.

Whenever I write an article on a Conservative, I hate Liberals.

When I accept an award from a Liberal Member of Parliment, I’m anti-conservative.

I attend a People’s Alliance of New Brunswick fundraising dinner, I’m allegedly running for them in the next provincial election.

Heres the truth…

You will not see me run for provincial politics in 2018. It’s not at all what I want to do with my life right now. I’m 23-years-old, and I’m not the kind of girl that’s going to join a party and be told how to vote and what I have to do to keep my seat in the legislature.

If I’m not running, who do I support?

Here’s what I support. I support candidates that are authentic. I attend multiple political party functions because I want to know as much as possible about each party, their candidates, elected officials, and supporters.

I can tell if someones putting on a show, or if someone is genuine.

I support people who support people and will do whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of New Brunswickers.

That’s not a beat around the bush. Beleive it or not I’m sure there are elected officials that are only there for the security of a pay and a pension.

From emails leaked about only wanting certain companies getting a job, to saying things behind closed doors about other officials, and even coming up with a last-minute amendment to try to push another party into a corner (but not because they really care about change).

I’ve seen these things played out and I’ve only followed politics for over a year. I have no time for nonsense.

However, I will tell you what party I will never support again is the Progressive Conservative party. After spending much time attending events. As a transgender woman, I never felt welcomed. I felt used for my platform and my social media abilities.

September 2018…

I’m going to go ahead and predict that Brian Gallant is going to remain where he is in 2018, and the majority of his team will also remain. I like to know where people stand and with the Liberal government, I believe there is no question on where they stand on certain issues.

I don’t agree with some of the decisions they have made but I’d rather be able to predict the outcome than vote for uncertainty with the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick.

I believe in the representation of all three other parties in Legislature also. It would be nice to have someone from each party in the legislature. The more diverse a government is, the more we are able to see parties work together to focus on common goals.

I hope David Coon keeps his seat.

I hope Kris Austin gets a seat.

I hope Jennifer McKenzie gets a seat.

With nine months to go, election day can’t come fast enough!

My advice to voters is not to run to a party you always vote for, sit back, open your eyes, listen.

Listen to how candidates act, the things they say, and what type of place they are coming from.

If their actions are coming from a place of hate for another person or party that is not acceptable.

They should be coming from a place of trying to make a difference for all.

I support people, not a party!